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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm officially Lost in Tarnation

Well, I've been meaning to blog about life again for a while but finding the time to get it all set up has been a bit difficult. Between the kids, the job, the dog, football season, the kitchen remodel, the bedroom remodel and life in general... it's been hectic.

So let's start with the house. We bought our first house smack dab in the middle of my second pregnancy and learned a very important lesson. Never again will I purchase a house while I cannot have a cocktail to calm the nerves. Our house was a foreclosure which means it was the ultimate bargain, but that it was the ultimate fix up. The previous owners absolutely destroyed the house before they moved out and we have had to work on every room of the house.

Since we have been doing so much work on the house, I haven't taken the time to decorate the way that I would like, things are just up so that the walls aren't blank. Well, after two years I'm finally getting around to decorating.

I'm getting some experience in refinishing furniture right now for our bedroom and I'm absolutely loving it!! Kevan is out of town on a 4 day ice fishing boys trip, and I've got the kids in bed, a glass of wine, bridezilla's on tv, a gallon of gray primer and a gallon of high gloss black paint. Life... is perfect.

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